As a natural progression of my art, I have developed two separate interests and those interests have become two different business. WhatDeHeck Fine Art is where you will find those personal works that reflect me and what has caught my eye and imagination. AML Fine Art Portraiture is where I get to have the greatest of fun meeting and working with some truly wonderful people while providing them with their own personal treasures.

Available paintings

Available paintings

WhatDeHeck Fine Art:

It is through WhatDeHeck Fine Art I explore the world using my camera first and my paints second to create one of a kind works of art. My process goes as follows… Seek out images that excite my eye and my imagination. Record what excited my eye with my camera and then create what excited my imagination with my paints.

Take a look at my galleries of images; what you will see there is what my eye saw. If you see an image that excites you and you’d like to have it contact me and we will make it happen. As far as my imagination goes, look for my portfolio gallery for my latest and available for purchase works.

AML Fine Art Portraiture:

Is a full service photography studio offering a wide variety of photographic services, a list of those services along with “base package” information is available below. However, I specialize in Fine Art Portraiture.

How I work I can shoot anywhere I am able to travel to, so location is up to my client’s wants and needs. There are a few spots I have used in the past if you’d prefer. However, conversation has always found the best place for the shoot, so by taking the time learning about your ideas and interests, together we can identify that “just right” place.

I do not print images for my clients, but rather give them their files in jpeg form so they can have them to do as they wish. If you need help getting your images printed I am more than happy to assist you in finding the best quality print house for the price. I do offer for those who are interested painted portraits in my unique style.

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Contact me for any of your photographic needs or if you have any questions….