Fav Favorites – TZ

I’d driving back from Fayetsville … Sky beautiful blue and clouds just gorgeous.  Magical.  And I thought of one of your images, the one that captures that sense of magic perfectly.  So I think You make the magic and capture magic … that’s my thought for the day.  – TZ

Fav Favorites – TC

Your work is absolutely beautiful and truly shows creation at it’s best – TC

Fan Favorites – KW

Three words … Fav. Or. Ite. – KW

Fan Favorites – HS

Ok OMG so hard to pick just 10 but as you wish – HS

Fan Favorites – DP

That camera is now on display at my house.  We need to get together for a beer, or two!  Here’s my list of favorites.   They are not in any particular order.  You are really talented!!  – DP

Fan Favorites – Adam

There’s something about Andrew’s blend of painting and photograph of abstract macros that bring a smile to my face.  Half of the fun is trying to figure out what you are looking at.  I have three of his pieces hanging in my home and people always comment on them.  They are both beautiful and interesting. – Adam

Fav Favorites – LFG

If I got up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep, I could simply gaze at this photo and it would put me at peace, at rest, and calmed.  Good night.  I love it!  – LFG in reference to “Together”

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Featured Item on Etsy

This shot was taken at a cool little alley/garden array behind Barrister’s Row in Staunton, VA.

New Print Gallery

Hey everyone trust all are well wanted to share a new print galley with everyone. From the the gallery you can get prints and other cool stuff. The gallery is called The Store. So check it out and as always thanks for you continued support.